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Style Guide

When creating content, a professional and conversational tone should be used. Keep in mind all content is freely available on the web. Write accordingly.

New Pages

When you are working on a new page, you should format with the following guidelines:

  1. Each page should have a top-level headline that names it
  2. Each major section of the page should have a headline that is one level lower than the main headline
  3. Sub-sections that are robust should also have headlines, one level lower than their parent section.

New pages are not immediately placed onto the site in normal operating procedures. You will need to post your content and get approval from an admin before you content is added to the wiki. This is to ensure quality of content and consistent editing and formatting.

Existing Pages

Existing pages should be edited carefully, with respect given to the original author. If you are making anything other than a minor change, you should include detailed editing summaries as to why and what has changed.

Cultures and Context

Please realize that not all cultures and contexts are the same. When creating content for the wiki, keep in mind that you will be presenting your content for a diverse and potentially world-wide readership. You may have a great deal of expertise in the content you're writing about, but you can't assume the same for your readers. Give a bit more context, a bit more explanation, to help those who need the added information and context to understand things that come naturally to you after years of study in your area of expertise.

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