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Welcome to the Pedagogy Section. Here you'll find readings on pedagogy in various courses, as well as information specific to teaching online.

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Online Pedagogy

This content is primarily adopted from Dr. Pope's guide for online transitions for Spring 2020. It will eventually be updated with more content, but that document is the starting point.

Online pedagogy can be described as focusing on the specific affordances and strategies available when teaching in an online environment. When we talk about online pedagogy, generally, we are speaking about courses that are designed from the ground up as online spaces for learning.

Recording Video Lectures

Creating Structure in Online Courses

In these online courses, we will need to provide very clear instructions to students while providing them with the ability to complete coursework in a non-traditional manner. Because students may not have the same schedule when they’re away from campus, we will transition our courses to a weekly scheduling model. Major deadlines will fall on Sunday night at midnight, with minor deadlines potentially able to fall during the week to facilitate discussions and interactions.

Click on the link Creating Structure in Online Courses to see how you can create a structured and organized learning environment in BlackBoard.

Online Course Activities

Click on the link Online Course Activities for information on recording online course activities and creating interaction in these online courses.

ARCHIVE: Fall 2020 Remote and Hybrid Pedagogy Information for UARK TA's and Staff

For all information specific to Fall 2020, please see the Fall 2020 Pedagogy page.

Flipped Learning

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